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Tidbit Tuesday #114

Hi, Internet. Sorry for the late post… I’m still reeling from the amaaazingness that was yesterday! A chaotic, crazy fun, tiring, but perfect day spent with the sweetest friends. Yesterday, I FINALLY had updated headshots taken. With makeup done by the lovely Chelsea at Sunkissed & Made Up, and images by Mustard Seed Photography. All of these girls understood my vision so perfectly, and I seriously cannot WAIT to see and share all of the prettiness! :)

I spent about two hours this morning catching up on my Old Testament reading. I’m an INSANELY slow reader… I’m now on day 30 of my chronological reading plan, and although I obviously screw up the reading schedule a LOT, I am loving it more and more every day. Today was especially awesome, as it’s forced both the soundtracks for The Prince of Egypt AND Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back into the forefront of my mind. “It was red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and violet and fawn and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and grey and purple and white and pink and orange and BLUE!” Music-nerds, represent!!

I went to the RODEO! – For the first time ever, though we’ve technically had the opportunity three different years now. Highlights included the HUGE turkey leg I failed to finish, a large sampling of chocolate Dippin’ Dots, fried cookie dough with powdered sugar, a margarita on the go, pizza, cotton candy, and have I mentioned gaining 35 pounds? We also LOVED seeing John Legend perform in the stadium. But I could have done without those poor little baby cows getting roped by the neck. Let’s just say I burst into tears when that happened. Says the girl who grew up next to at least one farm for the first 18 years of her life…

During our car-ride home from seeing The Lorax on Sunday night (yes, we are ALWAYS the oldest at any given movie theatre…) I realized that Dylan and I celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary in just THREE months. Thuh-ree. How and when did this happen? Apparently we’ve been too busy to realize the last nine months whizzing by. And do you know what this means? It means we need to plan another trip! We’ll be taking a stay-cation of sorts to Austin, TX. It will be the first time for both of us. So if you’ve been, let us know where we should stay, what we should do, what we should see and where we should eat!!

Song of the Week: Ordinary People by John Legend, of course. When John performed this song on Friday, he had the whole stadium sing the bridge.  Oh, it made my heart so, so happy. I’m sure you already know this song. But if this is your first introduction, well then, you’re very, very welcome. ;)

I had an absolute blast shooting Julia and Shane’s wedding day last weekend. Think, art-deco. Glam. And awesome… Sauce. It’ll be up on the blog by the week’s end, so be sure to come back for more! Until then, here’s one of my absolute favorite images from our portrait-taking time!

Happy Tuesday! OH, and if you haven’t already checked out 1 For Me // 1 For You this month, you’ll want to do so HERE. :)

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  • March 6, 2012 - 2:37 PM

    Randi - I highly recommend visiting the capital building…I think the tours are free…and going to the Texas History Museum. I’m a nerd for all that culture and history stuff – it’s true – but I promise you both are worth the trip!

  • March 6, 2012 - 2:38 PM

    Haley - I love the San Jose:

    Matthew and I stayed there for our first anniversary and it is a great location. The architecture firm I worked for right out of school did some work on it, so I am a little partial myself, but check it out.

  • March 6, 2012 - 2:48 PM

    Caroline Joy - Okay Alyse! I’m here for you. :)

    Awesome eateries:
    -Galaxy Cafe | Sandwiches & Such
    -Haddington’s | English Pub/Restaurant (one of my friends is the head chef there!)
    -Walton’s | Sandwiches & Such | (right next door to Haddington’s)
    -Hopdoddy’s | Burgers
    -Botticelli’s | Italian

    Awesome places to stay:
    -The Driskill
    -Hotel San Jose
    -Kimber Modern
    -Hotel Saint Cecilia

    Have so much fun! :)

  • March 6, 2012 - 5:30 PM

    Lauren - If you like camping or hiking or things like that – the hill-country has some of Texas’s best state parks. Look ’em up!

  • March 6, 2012 - 8:09 PM

    Ashley Dernick - Definitely check out South Congress St. There are so many fun and eclectic shops and some seriously yummy food! The highlight is the row of food trucks that serve some amazing food! “Coat and Thai” is my fave!

  • March 8, 2012 - 11:18 AM

    Aimee - -Moonshine has a great Brunch.
    -Trudy’s for the best Mexican Martini EVA!
    -Mount Bonnell – the view is amazing.
    -Like mentioned before – South Congress.
    -Zilker Botanical Gardens
    -Hamilton Pool Natural Perserve is great to check out in the summer too.