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Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_01

Erin and Jeff are getting married in October, and I’m lucky enough to be shooting it! Couples just don’t come nicer than this one… They’ve been such a joy to meet, photograph, and email back and forth with. Mostly because of their prolific use of exclamation points and smiley faces – which is totally speaking my language ;) Hope y’all enjoy these favorites of mine! Such a fun session with these two! XOXO!!

Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_02Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_03Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_04Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_05Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_06Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_07Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_08Erin & Jeff_Houston Engagement Portrait Photographer_09

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Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_01

The Greenfields are another I-shot-their-wedding-and-now-their-baby sort of family :) Sweet Chandler positively stole my heart with her sweet smile and GORGEOUS blue eyes. It’s always so good seeing my couples make adorable little people ;) Hope you enjoy my favorites from their early-morning session! XO!!

Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_02Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_03Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_04Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_05Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_06Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_07Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_08Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_09Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_10Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_11Greenfield Family_Houston Portrait Photographer_12

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  • July 27, 2015 - 7:38 AM

    Candice - Yay! Thank you Alyse! These look great and I can’t wait to see the rest. You are the best! :)